A graphic design project of a Italian-inspired food restaurant on the bank of Douro river in the city of Porto, Portugal. Its decor is based on natural materials and colors, marked by the contrast between glass and wood and the harmonious combination of coppery and reddish-brown tones, which gives Bocca a modern appealling and cosmopolitan look of Porto.

I was invited to design the new restaurant logo “BOCCA”. The word comes from Italian and its meaning can be interpreted as the’mouth’ of the river (the word can also be interpreted as mouth in Portuguese; eat.), being an Italian-inspired restaurant makes perfect sense wherever the restaurant is located.


As a starting point, the fonts of the Italian cities of the 60s / 70s. “La dolce vita”. Trattoria:

The base of the logo design was inspired by retro italian typefaces.


The logo was thought to have positive / negative versions.

Final version:

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